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Are you a davina davis fan? Ever wanted to hang out with me in person? Now you can! whether its a quick lunch date, dinner and a movie, or even a weekend getaway, I'm here to keep you company! I absolutely love meeting new fans! However, safety is my number one priority. Before I can meet a fan, I will need you to fill out the screening form below as well as familiarize yourself with my etiquette requirements. xoxo,

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If you are unable to complete everything on my screening form or are prescreening for a future meeting, submit as much as you can and send me an email with further details.


is an essential part of any relationship. Before we meet, let’s make certain we’re on the same page.
  • Etiquette: I am drawn to the gentlemen for whom appropriate etiquette is second nature. As a lady, I find inconsiderate actions unacceptable by any suitor. I am a firm believer that each person should do unto others as you would have them do to you.
  • Be polite: A well mannered and courteous interaction always characterizes the time I spend with a gentlemen friend. such communication promotes harmony and sets the stage for an explosive encounter. I am unable to entertain anyone with anything less than a good natured attitude.
  • Hygeiene is vital: Not only is cleanliness an absolute essential, but it is extremely attractive! It is one thing to have bathed. It is another to present oneself in an overall manner that is polished and well put together.
  • PUBLIC VS. PRIVATE TIME Extended dates are a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other on more than just a physical level. If you are planning a rendezvous longer than two hours, I will inquire about your drinks/lunch/dinner reservations and/or planned activity at the time of booking. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of meeting in a public setting, I may agree to forego my "public time" rule if you have room service or a bottle brought up to the room.
  • Consideration: I would like that our engagement begin and continue smoothly without interruption. Any attempt at discussion of consideration with promptly and regrettably halt our date without further ado. visibly place my donation in an unealed envelope on the bathroom counter. I am always thrilled to extend our time together. If you wish to do so, please prepare yourself in advance. No matter the depth of the chemistry between us, it is understood that my time is valuable and not to be exceeded without the appropriate consideration.
  • Reviews and the expected approach: While I welcome you reviews and feedback, I wish that they remain tasteful. Please do not include any personal or elicit details of our encounter. Do not enclose private details about me such as my hobbies, hometown, pets name, etc. I value my privacy and hope you treat me with the same discretion as I do with your personal information. Not adhering to my privacy protocol will result in termination of our friendship.
  • Appreciation: I greatly appreciate your consideration for our meeting and you are in no way expected to donate more than whats listed. However, I do love being pampered and receiving gifts. If you wish to bring a gift to our date please visit my wishlist page.
  • Discretion: I understand your need for discretion and assure all my fans that details of our time together will not be disclosed. All inquires go DIRECTLY to me, and your screening form will be deleted after 7 days. The screening form I request is solely for my safety and will never be used in a careless manner.
  • Disclaimer: I treat my fans in a most caring manner. I am not a prostitute and absolutely do not engage in sex for money. If you ever treat me like a prostitute, discuss sex for money, make an offer for the same or anything else that could be viewed as involving prostitution, not only will I not respond, but I will terminate our time together without a refund. Any donation you present me with is strictly compensation for my time.



*Inquire about extended/international travel! I’m passport ready! Travel expenses not included. Before I can book my flight (first class internationally, business or first domestically), airfare is to be covered in full along with a 50% deposit.

* Price structure reflects compensation for my time and companionship only

*ask me about my custom experiences tailored just for you!