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Creepy Photographer Watches Tara Morgan And I Get Nasty

My best friend Tara Morgan is sooooo fucking sexy. She always fucks me WHENEVER I want, WHEREVER I want! I've never even had a guy do that for me!!!! Today Tara and I planned on doing a sexy photoshoot together for our modeling portfolios... We started in jeans and a cute top, then moved on to some bikini stuff.... We didn't plan on getting naked, but the photographer kept telling us how hot we were , and how we should shoot some sexier photos. He convinced us ( Which wasn't hard) and we started flaunting our sexiest poses. Seeing Taras smoking hot naked body made me sooooooo wet. I could tell she felt the same, so I started to play with her tits, and tease her. Tara HATES being teased!!! She immediately dragged me into the living room of the house we were shooting in, and yanked my top off so she could start licking my hard nipples. We told the photographer to go in the other room, and that he could take his lunch break, but we caught the pervert watching us!!!!! OMG! We started screaming but that didn't seem to scare him off, so we just continued to play with each other. After Tara was done with my nipples, she licked me all the way down to my pussy and started sucking my clit so hard that I came over and over again on her pretty face!!! The creepy photographer pulled his cock out and started jerking it ( Can you blame him? ) I was cumming soooo hard that I couldn't even yell at him to stop!!! After Tara made me cum 5 times, I bent her over and started eating her asshole soooo good that she came even more than me!!! But she wasn't the only one that came... We looked over only to see that the photographer had blown a giant load!!!! ALL OVER OUR NEXT OUTFITS!!!!! We were pretty pissed, and decided that he would have to make it up to us, by fucking us both!!!! To be continued....

  • release date: 02/14/2018
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