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Give Us Your Stimulus Check, Or We Tell Your Wife

So we heard you got your stimulus check this week, and we demand that you give it to us. THE ENTIRE THING. We don't give a fuck if you can't pay your bills. We don't give a fuck if you don't have a job. That check is rightfully ours, and you know that, you pathetic pay pig. Pathetic losers like you don't deserve to have money, which is why we are taking it. The only thing your good for is paying tribute to your goddesses. That's right, hand over that check. Good little pay pig. WHAT THE HELL!? THIS IS ALL YOU GOT? You really are PATHETIC. Everyone else is getting at least 2k a month in stimulus checks, and all you have to give is $500? YOU BROKE FUCKING LOSER. We demand that you go to your bank and pull out ALL of your money, IN CASH. We don't give a fuck if your wife will notice. In fact, if you don't continue to make weekly payments to your goddesses we will tell your wife what a pathetic worm you are, and she can help us take your money in divorce court. Now get the fuck out of here pig, and don't come back until you have what you owe.

  • release date: 05/08/2020
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